At the end of the season – still no flowers. I took a photo & google imaged it. No wonder there were no flowers – they were lambs ears!

Small white flowers in spring & summer. Light shade & keep well drained. This is a weird plant which is actually a very narrow epiphytic cactus! Its narrow stems however form into a trailing segmented plant great for hanging baskets and pots. It is similar to ‘Drunken Mans Dream’ but sends out much longer trailers (1m long !) and has white flowers.

Good inside but likes bright light. Rojo Congo in particular is quite an standout plant with its copper undertones and its reddish brown stems. Abutilon x hybridum ‘Aurea’ will give you large lantern like pale yellow coloured flowers. These Hybrids come with great colour from spring right through to autumn. Chinese lantern leaves are fingered like a maple.

I have been ordering from them for over 20 yrs. Aquarium plants – along with the water they grew in – can easily be added to your compost pile. Peat moss is a great amendment to add to your garden soil as well as your compost. It can improve drainage and also add carbon.

The plants do arrive very small (3.5 in pots), but healthy. They are also very expensive and the shipping can be costly. Keep your eye open for sales, sometimes they’ll have 50% off sales, which makes ordering from them a little more reasonable. We take pride in offering the very best perennial plants. We have 41 years of experience in growing and shipping our plants, and all are backed with our unsurpassed 100% guarantee.

Eventually Botanists would like to have just one botanical name foe each plant. As we all know the one plant may have several Common Names can you freeze cheese depending where you live. We have been providing a Concierge/Quarantine Service for Interstate Plants for a couple of years now.

This is my second order from Bluestone, and both have been exceptional. The first, tulip bulbs last fall, yielded low sodium frozen meals beautiful tulips this spring. And that was far from guaranteed given that it was my first time planting tulips.

So much better than those I’ve gotten from some other mail-order nurseries. The plants in my Bluestone order are also very good sized. Bluestone Perennials is a keeper.

An honest company with a good product, Bluestone Perennials makes good on any plants that don’t thrive without questioning the customer’s veracity. I have ordered from Bluestone many times. Last time I did wait longer than normal for my items to arrive, but I’m aware that it’s a USPS issue and not a Bluestone caused issue. I highly recommend them for one of a kind and hard to find plants. I’ve had really good success with my plants and would absolutely order from them again. Bluestone Perennials is a family run company that’s committed to our customers and the environment.

Heme iron is a type of iron found only in meat, especially red meat. It’s much better absorbed than non-heme iron, which is commonly found in plant foods . Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Posted on May 6, 2017, updated June 18, 2018 I ordered 8 shrubs and all arrived in excellent condition. Posted on July 5, 2017, updated July 17, 2018 Posted on June 17, 2017, updated July 5, 2017 I ordered two clematis plants on sale.

Hard cane type, upright spikes of yellow/bronze flowers with twisty petals. Bright but indirect light position, prefers solid roof cover in the winter months. These plants are 180mm tall in 70/80mm pots.

She asked for my telephone number. Said she would call me back. I never got a call back and it’s now after 5 PM EST. Bluestone has my $113 but they do not have my respect at this point. I hope to get my plants shortly. Perfect Salvias, arrived on tim, in great condition, and love the little coco fiber pots too. There are a lot of ways to achieve a successful harvest but every grow needs a growing medium (soil/soilless) and nutrients (organic/mineral).

Lignans are found in most plant foods. The richest dietary sources are seeds and cereal grains . Phytoestrogens have been linked with several health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer .

Soil is so-so but manure and compost and lime helped and will add more this year. Wondering about the problem of rotating crops next year but I hope the benefit of attracting beneficials turmeric will override that. I’ve got a three sisters garden and onions planted everywhere to help ward off pests. There are all the flowers that attract beneficials that I could fit in.

Add whole or scraps of apples to your compost. They can improve seed development in your plants later on. All vegetables can be added to the compost, but broccoli is especially beneficial, as it adds sulfur to help improve your plants’ growth. If you have stale beer or wine to throw out, go ahead and add it to the compost. These are great compost ingredients.

Requires filtered light and very good indoors. A rarely available fibrous rooted Gesneriad. This is an unusual cactus which forms weird shaped rosettes of succulent grey-blue leaves with bright pink colouring on the edges. Blooms and orange flower during summer. Highly valued for it’s colours!